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5 Applications That Will Take Your Workflow to The Next Level

productivity technology & innovation Feb 13, 2023

You’re not a machine!


You’ll tend to, if not forget things, stress about forgetting them. You’ll write notes everywhere but never get around to actually looking at them. You might give your team member a task and forget that it’s now delegated. You may not be sure how much time tasks are taking with you and so your planning is poor.

The list is endless. All you hear about is how technology is distracting you, making you lazier, wasting your time, RUINING YOUR PRODUCTIVITY

True AND false
You just need to go to the right technology and make it work for you, instead of you for it! Thankfully, in today’s digital world, many applications and softwares are here to help you operate your business, assign tasks, organize time, meet deadlines and manage your team. 
Here are our top 5 applications that will take your workflow to the next level:

1. Any.Do 

This application is a life savior in terms of work organization. Their motto is: Your busy life deserves this! Any.Do organizes your To-Do lists, daily planners, tasks, and reminders. You can also keep track of your progress, organize your calendar, and sync on all devices. They even got a grocery shopping smart list!
Also, it has a cute little function to help you focus. You select the task you want to work on from your to-do list and tap on the “focus” button. You then set a timer and if you leave your phone alone for the amount of time the timer is running, you’ll grow a little tree. It’s a nice little visual incentive, the more focused time you spend, the more filled with trees your digital forest is.

2. Slack

Works best for teams’ organization! Their motto is: “Choose a better way to work”. 
Slack provides you with conversations, file sharing, video and calls’ platform to help you better manage projects, teams, clients and tasks. It helps you better connect with your team on several platforms, get work done faster, and easily access and communicate information. 
Slack is delegation made easier. 

3. Time Doctor

This time tracking software is all you need to manage your business efficiently, especially if you’re now working remotely. It has work time and break reports, automated screenshots to help track activity, tracking of projects and clients’ relationships, detailed reports and timesheets, automated payrolls and billings, and project management tools. It works on all devices and web pages.
Pro tip?
You can benefit from the time tracking feature yourself if you don’t have a team you need to monitor. This helps you collect data that helps you better estimate how much time each task takes.
If you’re just looking for the time tracking feature in a simpler format, then another favorite of ours is the Atracker app. Try it out, it’s free and will make a difference in how you plan and schedule your time.

4. ClickUp

This is one the most helpful task management systems. Their motto is: One app to remove them all. This is one the most helpful task management systems. It helps enhance your productivity by giving you several viewpoints to operate your business including calendars, charts, boards, toolbars, boxes and lists. 
ClickUp also helps you create work checklists, add comments and subtasks, follow up customers’ status, edit tasks, set priorities and goals, and create projects.

5. Pocket 

We’ve all been there. You take a 5 minutes break from work to do a casual scroll through facebook and then all of a sudden you come across a really interesting article or Tedtalk that you don’t have the time to go through.
The Pocket app is offline web content central. Save articles, videos and stories from any publication, page or app. No longer will you bookmark a page, save a post or email yourself an article and then never see it again. Create a space with your curator content and feed your mind.
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