Let's Grow Together

We're building a culture at SVA where top talent (like you) can thrive!

At SVA Agency, you'll find an environment that prioritizes your:

  • career goals
  • skill development
  • and mental health

If you have what it takes, we make sure to nurture you to your full potential.

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Why work at SVA Agency?

We prioritize your work-life balance

For you to give your best, you must feel your best. Our internal policies prioritize your work-life balance and mental and physical well-being.

Opportunity for skill development

You won't believe how much the world of virtual assistance can teach you. Variety of tasks for a learning experience that never gets boring.

Advantage of Hybrid work policy

Qualifying employees enjoy a hybrid policy that allows them to work from home 2 days out of the week.

Warm and nurturing culture

We pride ourselves on our culture and good vibes. All throughout your journey with us, you'll be a true part of a welcoming team, that has your back.

Employee Testimonials

Nada Al Sous

You can feel the camaraderie in the office between all levels of employees, which fosters an energetic work environment where one can easily create and share new ideas.

Rawad Al Masri

Every day, you get to learn something new, encounter challenging yet doable tasks, and just have fun while doing so! It’s an opportunity that you will for sure grow with it. 

Available Opportunities

Career Opportunities


SVA has confidence that each employee contributes uniquely to the growth and success of the agency. With collaborative teamwork, we aim to achieve substantial growth built upon the agency's nurturing culture.

We are always on the look out for ambitious individuals looking to start or continue their career in virtual assistance and project management.

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Internship Program


A unique, in-depth opportunity to learn the ins and outs of a fast-paced business environment, based on professionalism, discipline and teamwork.

SVA's internship program offers students and fresh graduates the opportunity of real-life working experience where they can blend into our skilled and passionate team, who are very excited to transfer their knowledge and experience.

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What we look for

Lifelong Learners


We value curiosity. We want people who hold on to the “spirit of the explorer” when looking for opportunities to expand their knowledge and skill set. People with an open-minded attitude about the dynamic nature of the business world.

Critical Thinkers


We’re looking for people who think outside the box and follow their curiosity to analyze information, solve problems with innovative solutions, and plan systematically. People with strong deductive reasoning. 

Team Players


Our success is based on our team spirit and teamwork. We want people who work well with others and cherish the camaraderie that creates for a nurturing and healthy work environment.

Adaptive Mindsets


This means adjusting to change and maintaining resilience during setbacks. An adaptive mindset eases working under pressure, coping with stressors, and continually learning from experiences. 

Long-term Outlook


We value people with long-term goals. We want to know you have a long-term vision for your career and that SVA fits perfectly in that plan. We want to play our part in making your goals happen.

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If you're interested in joining our team, we're always on the lookout for new talent. Start by applying here and attaching your resume.